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Brain Power
Review by Ross Anthony

It's short so it can be really juicy. Punchy graphics (love the animation representing the www), happy songs, quick fun clips of real people, all from a hippy, tree-hugging perspective on the comparison between a child's brain and the internet. It made me feel like a kid, actually, like a kid watching PBS in the 70's. Facts are tossed in to make the production feel sciency, but really, this is just a sweet, fun, smart PSA encouraging us to be sure to love our children and be careful not to over-stress their little brains. Who can find fault with that? I'm glad there are filmmakers putting out media like this, because, apparently, not everybody is respectfully loving their children enough. The second major point is …we are what we spend our time on. They put it this way, "We need to be paying more attention to the things we're paying attention to."

Brain Power is the third in a series by -- these people are very optimistic, hopeful, and full of life. Yeah, so be ready for that windfall. If you haven't been feeling so "up" lately, it might be overwhelming at first, but, you'll get used to it.

Engage is the second film in that series. Basically it's clips of everyday people, everywhere in the world putting their hands over their hearts while Rodger Hodgson's (Supertramp) "Give a little bit" plays over the images. Told you, these people are trying to make us all appreciate our lives better. And why? I don't know, maybe 'cause we should. :)

A Declaration of Interdependence is the first film. A little rougher around the edges, with a bit more of a decidedly young-adult radical feel. Perhaps with the same audacity that Jefferson and the founding fathers declared themselves independent, the film encourages us all as citizens of the world to declare ourselves interdependent on each other (implication: and not on political organizations). I may be reading a little too far into it, but it feels like a seed toward the idea that we might just need each other (common people of all countries) to rise up and retake the planet from the grasps of those who seek to misuse and abuse it and us.

There is a companion ebook for Brain Power, I plan to review it when I have time. If I haven't yet, remind me.

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Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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