I love producing music videos! I'm a visual artist and a musician/composer, so you can trust me with your musical baby. I can provide concept, direct, light, shoot, and edit. I'm your 1-man crew.


JazDanz: Back to the Future (Modern)
Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

Mike & Julia Jane: Highlights Reel (Pop)
Concept, Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

Army of Dreamers: Currently in Production (Indie Rock)
Concept, Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

Musicale Feat. Big LLou: X-Factor (R&B)
Concept, Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

Grow Green: The Eat Cleaner Rap (Fun/Rap)
Co-Concept, Co-Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

VHF: Backside of your Eyes (Rock)
Concept, Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

VHF: Suspended Animation (Rock)
Co-Concept, Co-Direction, Editing: Ross Anthony

VHF: Invisible Thread (Rock)
Co-Direction, Editing: Ross Anthony

$500 or $5k

Whatever your budget, call me to create a rock solid video for your music.

Low Budget Special!

My $500 Package includes: Up to 2 hours of DSLR HD videography, lights or diffusers (if needed), and playback at 1 location. This usually means 4 run-throughs of your song as well as B-roll capture. 1 hour of travel/prep and up to 5 hours of professional editing in Adobe's Master Suite. Then delivery in a web-friendly format. Done.

Also Available:

Talent, Props, FX, Animation, Motion Graphics, Lyrics,
Green Screen, Concepting custom to your song.


Magical to watch this! This has tremendous potential to go further than my prior videos. Best work and song to date! JazDanz

Wow, this is AMAZING Ross. I’m speechless ... Everyone agrees you did a PHENOM job. And I want to talk more projects with you for sure. Grow Green

Very nice!! Super happy! You have done a great job! VHF

I/we LOVE the video; quite creative and great out of the box thinking particularly for such a small budget!:-D i'm truly grateful ... such a cool looking product. i hope to work with you again in the near future ... with a bigger budget! Musicale LTD

We LOVE the video! LOVE it!!! I'm SO very happy with your incredible work Ross. Truly amazing what you saw. We couldn't see how this would come together but I knew you did!! Mike & Julia Jane