I love producing music videos! I'm a visual artist and a musician/composer, so you can trust me with your musical baby. I can provide concept, direct, light, shoot, and edit. I'm your 1-man crew.


Army of Dreamers: Currently in Production (Indie Rock)
Concept, Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

Musicale Feat. Big LLou: X-Factor (R&B)
Concept, Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

Grow Green: The Eat Cleaner Rap (Fun/Rap)
Co-Concept, Co-Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

VHF: Backside of your Eyes (Rock)
Concept, Direction, Shooting, Editing: Ross Anthony

VHF: Suspended Animation (Rock)
Co-Concept, Co-Direction, Editing: Ross Anthony

VHF: Invisible Thread (Rock)
Co-Direction, Editing: Ross Anthony

$500 or $5k

Whatever your budget, call me to create a rock solid video for your music.

Low Budget Special!

My $500 Package includes: Up to 2 hours of DSLR HD videography, lights or diffusers (if needed), and playback at 1 location. This usually means 4 run-throughs of your song as well as B-roll capture. 1 hour of travel/prep and up to 5 hours of professional editing in Adobe's Master Suite. Then delivery in a web-friendly format. Done.

Also Available:

Talent, Props, FX, Animation, Motion Graphics, Lyrics,
Green Screen, Concepting custom to your song.


Wow, this is AMAZING Ross. I’m speechless ... Everyone agrees you did a PHENOM job. And I want to talk more projects with you for sure. Grow Green

Very nice!! Super happy! You have done a great job! VHF

I/we LOVE the video; quite creative and great out of the box thinking particularly for such a small budget!:-D i'm truly grateful ... such a cool looking product. i hope to work with you again in the near future ... with a bigger budget! Musicale LTD