Multi-Camera HD Wedding Packages

$990 HIGHLIGHTS ONLY Special: I'll arrive 1-3 hours prior to the Wedding and shoot these key events: Bride Before, Groom Before, Procession, Wedding (3-cameras), Vows (Wireless Mic), Rings, Kiss, Grand Exodus, a few "behind the scenes" of your still shots, Entrance to Reception, Cake Cutting, Speeches, Bouquet Toss, First Dance, Dancing. All of which will be edited to a smashing highlights reel of 15-20 minutes in duration. No charge for travel within 1 hour.

$1290 DOUBLE HIGHLIGHTS ONLY Special: All of the above, but two highlights reels. The first will be 15-20 minutes in duration and the second will be a 3-6 minute version that's very shareable on social media. Plus I'll use 4 cameras on the wedding ceremony. The more cameras the more great shots of everyone.

$1490 DOUBLE HIGHLIGHTS ONLY Special: All of the above, but add an extra "drone-like" camera (making it 5!) for the wedding ceremony as well as an extra videographer.

$1790 PACKAGE SPECIAL: All the above, but with a 4-camera ceremony, which will be beautifully edited and included in its full duration as well as the two highlight versions of the entire day.

$1990 PACKAGE SPECIAL: Same as the $1790 package but with a 5-camera (including the drone-like camera), 2-videographer ceremony.

$2390 PACKAGE SPECIAL: Adds warm wonderful interviews with your guests to the $1990 package.

To see a sample highlights reel - just ask! THANKS!