We welcome your feedback!
After an event let us know what you thought, how you felt, and how you slept that night!

"It resonated in my bones, thru my spine & made my hands tingle." -R.M.

"My friends liked the crystal bowl part the best, said they felt the vibrations deeply in their bodies. Overall, it was awesome ... I will do it again and so will they." -Carmen

"It blew me away. I could close my eyes and I was transported to another world … the most instruments that I’ve ever seen in one performance." -Cutter

"I was very very impressed. I was more importantly moved spiritually." -David

"Amazing … very relaxing experience.  At some point I closed my eyes and just … drifted away into paradise of relaxation … and it took me to a really positive state of mind. I really enjoyed it…I need more of this. I’ll take my friends!" -Nadia

"Made me feel so calm and relaxed, and I wasn’t thinking of any of my worries of the week… really great performance, beautiful, and the instruments are so different." -Anne

"After Rainplay with Ross and Jasmine, I got the best night's rest since my crisis began. When's the next one?!" -Lucy

"My wife and I had the opportunity to experience Rainplay .... the first thing we noticed was how Ross and Jasmine made the group feel so comfortable and at ease. Then the marvelous sounds including flute, ocean drum, poetry and guided imagery. We were both able to move inwardly, let go of tensions and discover a sense of relaxation and peace. Totally refreshing! Something to bring to our daily lives. Highly recommended. Thank you Ross and Jasmine." -Bob & Lizette

"...Amazing ... I came away from the 90-minute beautifully led meditation exercises with much peace and felt rested and healed throughout my body. I would highly recommend it. [They] are amazingly talented in working with healing sound and energy!" -Angela, Freelance Editor

"...Absolutely beautiful and hope to attend the [next] performance... The following day I was an open vessel of love and it radiated brightly!!!! Thank you soooo much for your... beautiful healing energy!" -Jill

"What a powerful session you gave us today! The chakra balancing was extraordinary; I felt the energy in each chakra, one by one, as we progressed upward. And at the end of the session, I experienced such relaxation. After a very stressful week, this was especially appreciated. What you bring to the singing bowls is quite extraordinary. You are masters at this work." -Colleen