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Please Don't Step on the Ants
Written and Illustrated by Ross Anthony



"We all loved the Ants, and the illustrations were beautiful! Thanks for a wonderful addition to our nighttime reading." Livia.

"I LOVED IT! I'm sure my nephew will enjoy your book." Debra

"Our one-year-old always reaches the ANTS book first from the special bunch of books we put before her." Sandy

"It's a nice idea to have several languages in it like that and then to highlight one particular word. And the illustrations are pretty amazing." Brian

"Ants was a big hit with my seven year old and I also enjoyed it as much as he did. He has read it several times and has become one of his favorite bed time books. He loves the fact that you put his name in it and signed it. It really means alot to him." Shelly

"A win and a very pleasant surprise! My granddaughter loved it and has read it over and over! The illustrations are wonderful!" Carol

"I still read the Ants book to my little boy. He loves the book!" Matt

"They love it! It broadens them, even though they're so little." Kathy

"I really like the idea of children reading/seeing the story in 8 different languages... also like the universal theme that allows children to put themselves in someone else's place... we as adults need to engender that kind of sensitivity in our children if they are to grow up understanding other cultures. The story and illustrations are simple, and beautiful... the impact is very powerful." Jeannie

"I purchased [it] for my niece. She loves it. Her mother tells me it's a favorite!" Ericka

antPlease Don't Step on the Ants
For Kids 2-6 Years Old

32 page full color big picture book (7.75" x 7.75")

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