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Please Don't Step on the Ants
Written and Illustrated by Ross Anthony


We've written ANTS in eight languages as a way of introducing the world's newest citizens (your kids) to multiculturalism. We don't expect young readers to become magically multilingual after reading ANTS, but they'll now know that such a skill exists, that their language is not the only one, and -- who knows -- perhaps aspire to be linguists in the future. As for the present, we've highlighted one word per page (morning, for example) so that youngsters and their parents can enjoy knowing the many different ways the world has to say morning. This gives ANTS another dimension beyond its insightful message. We hope other children's books follow our lead.

Here is a list of the handwritten languages and their translators in the order that they appear in the book:

English - Ross Anthony was born in the USA.
Chinese (Traditional) - Fu, Haiyan was born in China.
Chinese (Simplified) - Fu, Haiyan.
Spanish - Elsa Aguirre was born in Mexico.
Japanese - Jackie & Masumi Aoki were born in Japan.
Swahili - David Thairu was born in Kenya.
Arabic - Mohamed was born in Palestine.
Thai - John & Apple were born in Thailand.
French - Chantal was born in France.

antPlease Don't Step on the Ants
For Kids 2-6 Years Old

32 page full color big picture book (7.75" x 7.75")

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