Ross Anthony, M.Ed. (A Los Angeles Creative)
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Zen Repair & the Art of Riding Chili
Written by Ross Anthony


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"There are so many facets to it - philosophy, psychology, lyricism, humor. It's a friendly book and a motivator. Anyway, I like it a lot." Barry

"When I read the book it reminded me of my cancer battle. Going into unknown territory and believing in myself and trusting others. A great read that reaffirmed my view that we can accomplish anything as long as we reach into our inner self and believe." Glenn

"... wrapped up more in the writing style than the content... I picked it up again tonight and finished it, this time enthralled with the self revelation and discovery of your adventure... I liked the book a lot." Rick P.

"... such a fun read... I'm right there with him, on the back of the bike... wind blowing around me and the dust getting in my eyes. This book is surely a keeper and I do plan to read it again." LuAnn

"... very good and inspirational!" Jim

"A great hit - and opened a lot of talk ... Just what I had hoped ... you have a couple of new fans." Louise

"So many great phrases, I wanted to highlight them all with those page-stickies, but the book would end up looking like some crazy porcupine. It's like I'm reading and then there's another gem and another ... yum!" Ben

"Old desert racer/street biker here ... Loved the book... great read. I found it very refreshing to read about a ride in a non tech, non motor head point of view. More of a creative artist type of view. I really enjoyed it.... thanks for letting me tag along on your journey......" Randall


Zen Repair & the Art of Riding Chili

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