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By Ross Anthony

Eddie Johnson's Ark

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"I really liked the book... You made me cry... Character development was very good... I loved the contrast... and Eddie's silent belief in what is right and good. Well done." Cherice, Secretary.

"I LOVED it... I read it in one sitting... I found myself holding my breath... it sure is nice to read something encouraging and uplifting for a change." Julie, Bostonian

"I really enjoyed the book. It inspired me to not dwell on past mistakes and regrets and just go on with life. I mean, hey, I have one life to live, why not live it to the fullest, right???!!!." Konnie, College Student

"It was definitely a "feel-good" book and I felt very happy and satisfied... maybe spiritual is the word. I recommend it!" Marilyn, College VP

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading [it]...After reading all the tragedies, who dunnits, and romance novels, it is like a breath of fresh air..." Sally

"A realistic look inside the minds of a few people put together by strange circumstance, faced with unfaceable tasks and impossible odds. They make it happen, and Ross Anthony is there to chronicle it all. A must read." Jeff,

"I am FLOATING! The book was excellent. I appreciated reading every line of it." Fran, the author's mother's poker buddy.

"I was up till 2:30am because I just couldn't put it down. WOW WOW WOW... I really got involved with the characters." Bonni.

"That was such a cool book! I just liked it!" Estella.

"...a very good book ... as a matter of fact my best freind is reading it and when well she is done with it now it is at another freind's place. Then I will get it back. It was a big hit with everyone who has read it so far ... I look forward to your newsletters." Shelly.

"I LOVED it! I'm going to recommend to everyone I know! Very well done! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future!." Marisa.

"I really enjoyed this book and will certainly be passing it along." David.

"An excellent book - it hit a deep cord." Pat.

"Having no previous knowledge of you or your works I wasn't prepared for the engrossing, entertaining and heart warming think piece this short story was. I was intrigued from the very beginning and did not, could not put it down until I had finished it. What a great read it turned out to be. Although it was evident this was going to be a "message" story, at no time did I feel I was being preached at. Instead, I felt like I was sharing the journey with the characters, experiencing their confusion, questioning, accepting and best of all their realizations. What a great ride in a rickety ark. Thank you." Julie.

"I read the book right away and it really held my interest - lots of unexpected turns. Good Job!" Richard


Eddie Johnson's Ark

(Contains Strong Language)

155 page Paperback

A Lumberyard Tale For Those Of Us Under Construction
Eddie's a single parent raising three kids in Columbus, Ohio. He's working nine to five just to keep a roof over their heads when he receives an unexpected and supernatural visit in his kitchen. A recently deceased friend rummages through his refrigerator while delivering a message from the big man upstairs: "It's time for a flood, Eddie, stop whatever you're doing and build an Ark."

"I've read all the books by Ross Anthony. Each one brings wonder and magic back into my life ... one of life's simple pleasures, yet there is always a deeper, profound message." Terry, IT Mngr.

Writing in the here and now, Anthony dives right into the heart of the matter. If there were a flood today and God didn't tell you to build an ark, where would you go? "Eddie Johnson's Ark" is a gritty poignant novel that, in search of soul, challenges all of us to take a swim in murky waters.

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