Ross Anthony, M.Ed. (A Los Angeles Creative)
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Never Forget Nagasaki
By Ross Anthony


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"Important and Powerful." Rick.

"Amazing a wonderful way with words." Daniel.

"Like a Haiku Poem." Bruce.

"I must express... superb storytelling. An imaginitive & influential independent fiction. Great read overall." Cobeyashi.

"I really enjoyed it... [I got] very absorbed into the character and drift along with them through the book. I wanted to read it from cover to finish in one sitting... I think it would make a a good movie and spark a lot of interest in a whole new crowd who enjoy alternative type films." Joey.

"i bought two of your books (jinshirou and rodney appleseed) and i don't know why i bought them because i'm just not a reader, but i must say, i loved these books ... they are filled with deep meaning and adventerous adventures. i wish i made more in tips that day so i could have bought the rest of them ... these books now have a special place in my very heart! ur fan 4 lyfe." Virginia.

"...Very original and intellectually intriguing. It kept me interested all throughout and there was never a 'good' spot to stop and bookmark because it flowed very well and was hard for me to find that spot where I could pick it up later because I wanted to know!" Paul.

"The book Jinshiru is so awsome!! i truly care about this book ... it's soo good! ... the fact that u can see, visualize the dreams, thoughts, in the story, it feels so alive!! this gives me the hunger to want to read more!! =D" PUA.

"My husband and I really enjoyed this book!" Michelle.

"I don't have a great deal of time, these days to sit down and do reading for pleasure. However, once I started Jinshirou I couldn't put it down. Well Done, Well Done. It was amazing, I loved the depth of character, the understanding of the human condition, and you left the book, in the best way possible. Thank you so much it was a great read, a wonderful story and I'm ready to read it again..." Bob.

"...You can really enjoy this dark novel ... very intense ... definitely dragged you in ... I barely set it down ... I greatly enjoyed it." Karine.

"Very powerful and poetic, such a magical way with words ... I didn't want it to end." Lee.

"Anthony writes with understanding of the human spirit." Keith, Doctor.



(Contains Strong Language)

154 page Paperback

"Very powerful and poetic, such a magical way with words ... ... I didn't want it to end." -- Lee

This is the prose poem saga of Aro's top student twenty-year-old Jinshirou Saoshita. Master of martial arts and a spiritual father to Jinshirou, Aro's suicide shocks the community. But the stalwart Jinshirou cages the pain. Within days, Jin's birth father sends him across the ocean to a university in the land of Aro's demons -- the United States. This is Jinshirou's bittersweet struggle with prejudice, honor, culture, identity; his life and death journey toward peace from hate and anger; his painful lessons of compassion.

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