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Never Forget Nagasaki
By Ross Anthony


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Page 1 (Excerpt)

Like the twilight, he lies in the balance between night and day. Jinshirou's head rests uneasily against the dimly lit airplane's only unblinded window. He's watching the red ball sunrise hobble out over the soft blue curve of the Earth. His unsettled eyes are fixed, but he is more distant than the horizon. Waking in the balance between night and day, boy and man, homeland and abroad; an ocean froths below. Massive choices, like tectonic plates, vie for position underground.

A red ball bobbing on a sea of white waves, the Japanese flag unfurls proudly on the airplane's foldout video screen. The edges of the circle weaken. The red begins to bleed across the innocent cloth, soaking the banner in damp fertile blood.

Page 12 (Excerpt)

Jinshirou in pause. Breaks pause, sits in the center of the flock. Cross-legged like Master, eyes clenched closed. Meditating. He listens hard. Hears beaks to seed, wind through leaves. Hears paws on trees. He opens his eyes, sees the large cat clawing an overhead branch. Leaning his head back and to the left, eyelids slip down, Jinshirou thrusts right hand, right paw, right around, catches a white pigeon right as it takes flight. The rest of the flock fly off in a moth-dust cloud.



(Contains Strong Language)

154 page Paperback

"Very powerful and poetic, such a magical way with words ... ... I didn't want it to end." -- Lee

This is the prose poem saga of Aro's top student twenty-year-old Jinshirou Saoshita. Master of martial arts and a spiritual father to Jinshirou, Aro's suicide shocks the community. But the stalwart Jinshirou cages the pain. Within days, Jin's birth father sends him across the ocean to a university in the land of Aro's demons -- the United States. This is Jinshirou's bittersweet struggle with prejudice, honor, culture, identity; his life and death journey toward peace from hate and anger; his painful lessons of compassion.

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