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The Little Snail Story


"...Loved it!...makes you feel good!" Ina

"Amusing and Poetic" Maria, 40-something

"Thanks for inspiring my dreams!!!!" Mary, Teacher.

"What a delightful little book this is! ... A seemingly simple children's book, but a closer look reveals a depth of emotional complexity that is presented subtly and with good humor." Natural Beauty & Health Magazine

"For every character in the book -- you know somebody just like that." Arty, Chef

"Such a charmer, heart-warming, enchanting and philosophically uplifting" PingPing, HS Counselor

"... very insightful towards the way I was feeling about my life. I've enjoyed the book so much that I've lent that book to my aunt... It's strange, but I can't wait until she comes back so that I can get the book back in my possession." Annie

"... thoroughly enjoyed it! The messages about self are great, only if everyone could get this message. I think that it will be great for my daughter to use in her teaching elementary students." Steve 30-something.

"Very touching. I think this book is the best book ever to me." Carissa, 5th-grader.

"I really do relate to the snail and that story kind of helped me see what Iím going through in a different light." Alice, College Student

"**** 4 stars-incredible" review

"... Both me and my 15 year old daughter have finished "The little snail story" right after we open the package. It was wonderful and we loved it. Thank you so much for the story and the experience." Chris

"I read to my 7 year old son. We enjoyed it greatly. I liked the self-discovery aspect of the story and the lessons our protagonist learned from his encounter with the other characters in his world. To me it was reminiscent of the little prince, read to me as a boy. I found the story positive and realistic -- a must read for children. Thank you for the opportunity" Diego, 45-year-old

"I liked the book a lot, I liked all of the learning the snail did, that he wanted to fly on a wing of an eagle and all of the I love yous. Thank you for the story." Fernando, 7-years-old

"Wonderful little book. I think we need to all work together in this crazy world to bring out the best in people. I... look forward to reading more of your works." Charlotte, Artist

"Just what I needed!" Alisa

"What a wonderful book for kids and adults! It's great for anyone who has never read a book about personal growth as well as people who read them all the time. This book has a fun story and a wonderful message. It's simple, gentle and funny. I think it makes a great gift for yourself or anyone you care about. Great work!" Tina.

"I loved it! it was so cute. It will be great for my niece's and nephew's to read, but I'm going to get everyone to read it! awesome:-)" Jamie.

"This book is genius! Everyone should read it!" Dr. Karin

"...liked the Little Snail book so much I passed it along to my daughter-in-law to read." Sam

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