Ross Anthony, M.Ed. (A Los Angeles Creative)
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Maybe we can't help everyone get back up on their feet.
But we can serve a few folks a cup of chili.

I'll cook up & serve chili to a homeless person when you buy a copy of my true-life adventure book Zen Repair and the Art of Riding Chili. Btw, Chili (the name of my red dirtbike) has taken me coast to coast across America's sweet country roads and now she helps me deliver chili to homeless. You can help, too! Just buy up a copy of the book and say "Chili for homeless, please!" Thanks! Ross Anthony

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© 2011 photos, text, art, music copyright Ross Anthony. Thank you to all those who have participated in chil4homeless! (My Readers! My Friends! My Family! Misc. Strangers! Liem, Kocanda, Galati, Rand, Keszek, and many many more!

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