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Pretty Blue Planet

Earth Post Board RA-5/13/13

Ross Anthony, Writer/Illustrator Is it just me, or do you like Earth, too? Seems we're being warned all the time that she's in dire straits. A whole planet threatened? Really? And not just any planet, but the one we're living on right now. Scary, but overwhelming. So overwhelming, you just think you can't do anything about it. I was overwhelmed, then, I saw all the little things little people were doing everywhere and I got inspired. So, ta da! This page is my little thing I'm doing for my pretty blue planet. I invite you to CHIME in with your cool Earth observations and assistances.

"My favorite thing on the Earth is the sound of wind in the trees...Pines play my favorite song of all." -Brent
"Winds that can lift you into skies. Waves that can be surfed." -Phil
"she provides us with what we need - spiritual and physical - in spite of the fact that most of our time we behave like spoiled selfish teenagers." -Erik
"My part in hiking is that we pick up stray bottles, cans, wrappers..." -Lily
"LOve MY Circle Earth. that was one of my first books from you" -Natasha
"I'm trying to stop people from throwing trash out of their windows." -Nicole

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