MacGillivray Freeman's
The Alps
Review by Ross Anthony

The picture opens with big beautiful snowcapped Alps swirling beneath a gentle moving aircraft like cake frosting. In fact, the cinematography on this picture makes full use of that big screen. It's a great way to take a quick trip to the tiny mountain towns snuggling the foothills and green plateaus into which the huge chocolate wedges of the Alps dip. And to top even that frosting off, the music of Queen emphasizes the visual awe.

During the first half we are introduced to the Alps in broader terms, from varying angles and people. I enjoyed the bit on avalanches, but would have enjoyed more specifics. Then the second half focuses on one particular climber He's a fellow with an emotional mountain to climb as well -- the Alps claimed the life of his father many years prior. The film follows this man's ascent along the same cliff face that echoed with the broken rope of his father, while his wife and child support him from below. It's an engaging story, these are sweet people with a noble goal, but the pace of the film suffers a bit. Some tightening in the editing would have helped.

Still a solid large format film, grading between a B+ and an A-, I'm rounding up.

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Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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