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Groundhog Day
Review Review by Ross Anthony

On the surface, a rolling ball, a silly comedy, a farce. But a closer look, a closer look reveals a beauty easily not seen. A closer look, like the day that passed you yesterday. Did you see all the beauty in that day? Or did it slip by you, cluttered by the mishaps, by the annoyances? Did those small bothers create, make up, contain, define your yesterday? What is happening to your yesterdays? Are you throwing them out like disposable razors - still sharp, but used once and tossed? And this last yesterday? Did you throw it out half empty - half full of beauty? Where is that beauty now? Yesterday’s splendor that went unnoticed by you? Where is it now? Groundhog Day is a film full of beauty. If you watch it once and find it annoying and repetitive, then dare yourself to watch it again. Did you see any beauty that time? No? Watch it again? Glimpse an insight? No? Watch it again. And again and again and again until you see the beauty. Why? For the sake of all the yesterdays you threw away brimming with unfound beauty, ignored beauty. Watch it again, until you understand, until you wake up to the reality, until you finally see all the beauty in today. Then and only then, will your today become tomorrow. (Oh, and btw, it’s pretty funny too.)

  • Groundhog Day. Copyright © 1993.
  • Starrying Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell.
  • Directed by Harold Ramos.
  • Screenplay by Harold Ramos Danny Rubin.

Grade..........................A+ (4/4)

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