Fretless in Vienna
The Red Violin
Review by Ross Anthony

"The Red Violin" is really a composition in five movements. Although the primary theme (the violin) ties all the segments together, it is but a thin string.

The violin has a history five centuries long, and five separate tales of it's existence are shown. Starting in Italy, but roaming (no pun) to several other countries. Each story is savory and delicately filmed. But they don't sing in harmony with one another, nor do they build for a crashing crescendo.

Still, it's a curious piece that held my interest and stirred my heart with beautiful music.

Starring Jason Flemyng, Greta Scacchi, Don McKellar and Samuel L. Jackson.
Directed by Francois Girard.
Produced at Lions Gate/Red Violin/Sidecar/TV Srl/Mikado.


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