Wallace and Gromit:
The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Review by Ross Anthony

First of all, I'm biased. My younger brother turned me on to Wallace and Gromit many years ago. Nick Park created a small series of short films based on these two endearing characters. They're no doubt available through your local video store (I recommend "Wrong Trousers"). Anyway, they're great. Flat great. I'm always spouting off about them. Nick Park is insane. He wiggles himself into those little sets, tweaks Wallace's molars with a toothpick, then pulls out for a simple one-frame-click of the camera, just to do it again another 23 times to fulfill one second of real time action. I bow to that dedication. But he's got a lot more than insanity; he's an artist, creator and great storyteller.

If you liked Chicken Run, you've got Nick Park to thank. So much to see, so much to enjoy, to laugh at, to route for. "Were-Rabbit" is a fantastic piece of cinema that you need to stop what you're doing and see. Hardly a flaw, not a single down time, well paced, well scripted, nearly perfectly directed. Fun for the whole family -- especially mom and pops (the kids will likely miss a great deal of puns, adult nuances etc.).

A word on the title, at first glance one may miss the word play. It's a film about a Were-Rabbit, not a Were-Wolf. The writers take several opportunities to let fly comedic homage to the classic old horror films. Though very appropriate for the picture it names, I'm worried folks may pass on the film due to the not-so-memorable title. Oh, well, just remember Wallace and Gromit, and no matter the title, go see it! You'll laugh a lot, and they'll be deep laughs!

  • Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Copyright © 2005.
  • Voices: Wallace: Peter Sallis; Victor Quatermaine: Ralph Fiennes; Lady Tottington: Helena Bonham Carter; Rev.Hedges: Nicholas Smith; PC McIntosh: Peter Kay; Mrs. Mulch: Liz Smith.
  • Directed by Nick Park, Steve Box.
  • Screenplay by Steve Box, Nick Park, Bob Baker, Mark Burton.
  • Produced by Claire Jennings, Carla Shelley, Peter Lord, David Sporxton, Nick Park at Aardman/Dreamworks.

Grade..........................A+ (4/4)

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