Happy Clients!

90 secs of Happy Clients!

90 secs of moreHappy Clients!


Ross was a delight to work with from beginning to end ... he brought 4-cameras to our live production! (deanproductionstheatre.com)

Big Llou

Ross shot us a "HOT" music video! (bigllou.com)


Hi Ross, I just want to say what an easy person you were to work with. And how your enthusiasm and perfectionism are evident in your final product. We are SO pleased with what you did for us.


Four Camera angles - what an embarassment of riches!

Dee Dee

I absolutely LOVE your work! I can't decide which I love more-the stills or the video! I was amazed that you captured everybody! What a personalized momento of my special night with so many of our dear friends & my family! Thank you, thank you! It is much more than I even hoped for!


Ross, your work is F-ing amazing. You totally understood and nailed the shots I was going for with my comedy sketch.


On time and professional.


He captures smiles.


The videos are amazing! Great work! ... and you were terrific to work with.


Wow, my promo was way better than I anticipated.


You're a pro. Great job.


You were more pivotal in the success of the day than I can ever really convey in words... your words "stay in the moment" ... were so powerful for me ... I repeated them all the way down the aisle, and it worked!!! I stayed in the moment, was there hearing every sound, not just feeling my love for Michael, but being brave enough to wear my love and heart on my sleeve for the world to finally see. It was like Michael and I were alone, acting the way we normally do in private. Your words encouraged me to look and take in all my friends faces, and warmly greet several with a heartfelt smile. None of this would have happened so relaxed and naturally if you hadn't written those 4 words to me. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me amidst all the tension, nerves and worries about what could go wrong, that this was our time, and it won't happen twice, so be there, be present and enjoy. We had one of the best day of our lives!

[The video is] so beautiful and artistically done! We can't wait to see it all again, and share it with those we love. Thank you for everything Ross.


Great Job!


I really appreciate the time you put in. It shows!! Great job.


Just watched the video. U did a really great job. Awesome job. [looked like] mtv unplugged. Thank you!!!


You took [hours of footage] and edited it into something that made me look good. And you didn't even have a script. It was like magic.


You did a very good job indeed!


Once again great job Ross!


You made me look great!


Received my first copy of the DVD. I think it is fantastic. Ross, you did a GREAT JOB and I so appreciate your work.  I know we will do projects in the future...


I just wanted to thank you again for your time, talents, skills, and incredible attention to detail... Believe it or not, I scoured through hundreds of potential DPs for this project, and met with a good ten, and I am more than happy that I found you.

Not only did you "shoot" the piece, but I could visibly see that you cared about how well it turned out.

Your attention to detail is top notch, and I can't thank you enough for ensuring that the audio levels were correct, the cameras were in focus and positioned correctly, and how mindful you were about the sunlight. ...

I'm impressed by your diverse background and various interests, and I think that is what makes for a good director of photography. Since you are a writer yourself, you care more than just the camera's image, and are ensuring that the camera angle doesn't just look good, but also is the exact correct angle to capture an actor's performance.

Most importantly, I so appreciate you being just an all around genuinely nice guy. Everybody loved you, and, even though we only did one project, and have only known each other a short while, I have never had a more pleasurable experience with a camera/audio person.

I'm grateful for your positive, enthusiastic attitude, and I very much look forward to working with you again on a variety of projects.