2 Cowboys and a Mountain
Brokeback Mountain
Review by Ross Anthony

Hereís a love story with a difference -- both of the lovers are men. Admittedly, this premise did not interest me, however, with all the awards talk about this picture Ė and with Ang Lee directing, I decided to have a look.

Though slow out of the gate, I quite enjoyed the beautiful cinematography: big cool blue sky, splattered white clouds, purple mountain majesties. And while an acoustic guitar emphasized in the soundtrack worked quite well, the actual scoring played more than just a smidgen on the hokey side.

As you well know, eventually the two leads cannot deny a certain emotional/chemical connection and engage in a sexual relationship. The Health Ledger character is a man of few words, and a good portion of those few are mumbled beyond audibility. Jake G. has only a few more words than that to add. So itís really the special ďfeelingĒ between the two cowboys that this relationship relies upon. Perhaps because Iím heterosexual, I didnít really ďgetĒ that feeling, so I didnít feel an ďemotionalĒ connection with this film that pretty much relies on such an emotional feeling to work.

That said, there were two scenes where I did feel a strong emotional drama, coincidently they both occurred on Thanksgiving dinner. Those are great scenes. Unfortunately, combined, those scenes donít exceed 5 minutes in a film thatís 2 hours long. Lastly, both of these guys are eventually cheating on their spouses, which feeds my sympathy for the victimized wives, not the leads -- so Iím furthered alienated from the filmís main focus.

Still, itís an important education to learn the trials and tribulations of those in the gay population. Moreover, I'm left to wonder, how unfulfilling all the traditional man/woman love story movies might be for some of those in the gay community.

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  • Brokeback Mountain. Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Randy Quaid, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Kate Mara, Cheyenne Hill, Scott Michael Campbell, Mary Liboiron, Graham Beckel, David Harbour, Anna Faris, Roberta Maxwell, Peter McRobbie.
  • Directed by Ang Lee.
  • Screenplay Larry McMurtry & Diana Ossana Based on the short story by: Annie Proulx.
  • Produced by Diana Ossana, James Schamus at Focus/RiverRoad.

Grade..........................B- (1.5/4)

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