Bachelor Backward
Broken Flowers
Review Review by Ross Anthony

Here's a quiet, very relaxed (many of you would more likely use the word "slow") picture that is both very intriguing in its manner and often quite funny. But not slapstick Ha-Ha funny. No. Awkward funny.

What the film lacks is a strong climax. Some will even feel it hasn't a climax at all. Certainly, when the screen goes black, you'll be left with a question mark in your brain. And while the emotional build is present, it is quite sublte. Still, the film charms as a series of interactions with Bill Murray. The interactions are a study in awkwardness, and that is quite fun. They're directed very well and Bill Murray shines beneath the skin of his outward indifference. He's become such a fine serious actor -- I'll see anything he does. He's so good straight, we can forget there's a very funny man inside. That comedic timing comes into good use here.

These handful of scenes are punctuated with a fair amount of silence -- long (in duration) shots with no dialgoue. And a lot of camera-on-the-road shots (too many in my humble opinion).

I really enjoyed the peaceful quirky, awkwardness of this production, the fresh originality, daring, and top notch acting of Murray. But, the road shots drag, the poor image quality and drab colors (though probably an artistic choice) distract. Lastly, that ending serves more as a vague artistic statement, than satisfying conclusion.

So, to grade? Somewhere between a B and B+. Round up.

Oh, btw, though she's very good, Sharon Stone has only 3 to 5 minutes of screen time, despite the top billing. If you like this try About Schmidt (which is wonderful). The films have a similar feel.

  • Broken Flowers. Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright, Sharo Stone, Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Tilda Swinton, Julie Delpy.
  • Directed by Jim Jarmusch.
  • Screenplay by Jim Jarmusch.
  • Produced by Jon Kilik, Stacey Smith at Focus/Decca.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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