Death Wishlist?
Death Sentence
Review by Ross Anthony

You might think of this film as a sort of civilized thriller, what with Kevin Bacon as the lead actor, corporate suit with a suburban family. And it certainly opens as such, videos of his happy family through the years. It's actually a very good opening. But soon enough, the film takes some clumsy steps towards a shoot 'em up, fascination-with-guns-kind of Tarantino flick. Now, don't take that the wrong way, I like some Tarantino films -- "Pulp Fiction," "Kill Bill Vol. 2". But those Q-films have a lot more going for them than just a sort of obsession for weapons and hunt-and-kill shots.

Death Sentence eventually stumbles head over heels away from any kind of smart thriller until it casts aside its made-for-TV type plot and completely immerses itself in a one-man against gang of thugs where Bacon gets to act more like Jason Bourne than VP of marketing. Okay, he used to play hockey, but how he beats thugs at their own game -- audiences just might not be buying it.

It's too bad too, because there were meaningful directions available for the film to have taken. More could have been said about these "initiation killings." When Bacon comes face to face with the father of his son's killer -- more could have been made of that (although, John Goodman does a great job in this small part). And the interactions with the detective were so slimly written that their omission would hardly have been noticed. Come on Kevin, pick better scripts.

This film screened at a Krikorian Theatre.

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  • Death Sentence. Copyright © 2007.
  • Starring Kevin Bacon, Garrett Hedlund, Kelly Preston, Aisha Tyler, John Goodman.
  • Directed by James Wan.
  • Screenplay by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers.
  • Produced by Ashok Amritraj, Howard Baldwin, Karen Baldwin at 20th Fox/Hyde Park.

Grade..........................C (.5/4)

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