Somethin' Fishy
Deep Sea 3d
Review by Ross Anthony

What a wonderful underwater experience! This is what Large Format films are all about. The 3D is not only tight 99% of the time, but the images on screen are worthy both of the 3D and of the large screen.

From a galaxy-like panorama of moon-jelly fish to a back flipping ten-foot manta-ray, this film brings you to a warm underworld of life. Sit back in comfortable seats with your popcorn and snowcaps and let the large screen become a plate of glass, a mammoth aquarium for viewing some very impressive moments in the lives of fish, coral, crustaceans and even plankton.

There is no downtime in the production. Every moment you’ll spend oohing and aahing at the delicate balance of nature in the gently swaying deep sea. A nearly foot-long shrimp defends itself ferociously from an eerie octopus, vicious 150 lb squids attack anything in sight. Then in contrast, small fish, some matte black, some lemon yellow kiss bacteria off the backs of happy sea turtles. Danger and reprieve. Balance, symbiotic relationships, and warning.

The last shot of a baby whale and two finned photographers caps the production nicely. Reminds us of the mystery and wonder of the many different species with whom we share this elegant earth.

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  • Deep Sea 3d. Copyright © 2006.
  • Narrated by Johnny Depp & Kate Winslet.
  • Directed by Howard Hall.
  • Produced by Toni Myers, Michele Hall at IMAX/Warner Bros.

Grade..........................A+ (4/4)

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