Delicate Adolescence
Review by Ross Anthony

A decent movie with a subjectively off-putting subject matter. Like "American Beauty" where an older man lusts over an under-aged girl; "LIE" brings us into a scenario where an older man and 16 year old boy flirt. As a matter of subjectivity, I don't enjoy this sort of thing. Therefore, I could not give "American Beauty" an "A" rating, and for that reason, I cannot recommend "LIE," though elements of strong story telling, character development and acting are employed.

LIE = Long Island express way.

A high school boy searches for himself amidst the death of his mother and distance of his manly father. He clings to a tough gay neighborhood kid, and then a "cultured" pedophile as he ponders his direction and sexuality.

  • L.I.E.. Copyright © 2001. Rated NC-17.


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