Apocalypse Soon!
Megiddo: The Omega Code 2
Review by Ross Anthony

According to the Christian Bible, Megiddo will be the epicenter of the apocalypse (end of the world). Apparently, Mount Megiddo translates to Armageddon. "Omega Code 2" begins in modern times heading toward this catastrophic end in a future not farther than the duration of our lifetimes.

It's the tale of a rich media mogul's two sons. One embraces the States, eventually reaching high political power (he's the good one). While the other (the bad boy) raised in Europe seeks a New World order starting with the European Union. This scenario is eerily within the realm of present day possibility and recent current events make the story all the more relevant.

Fairly well acted, "Megiddo" is also well cast. We follow the brothers from little boys to grown men in their forties or fifties. To do this, three pairs of actors are used at three stages of their characters' lives. In all cases, especially from young men to older men, the uncanny resemblances create a very appropriate sense of the ominous. Additionally the transitions are smooth, save for a subtle inconsistency with the Stone (Satan) character. As a young man, his charming confidence balances perfectly with his primal zeal for carnage. Two sides of the same coin. However, the older Stone's character brims with charisma while apparently inflicting pain only when absolutely necessary and even then (with one exception prior to climax) without the lust for violence. My point, the devil seems inconsistent.

Failings? The music. No doubt the picture should have been a 'B+' (possibly even a weak 'A-') with a better score. The present audio track meanders impotently over a strong story, diluting its effect. Additionally, earlier on the film bogs a bit on the dialogue, but this problem clears up soon enough.

Strong points: When Satan's incarnation swears "I'll send my wrath" or some such threat/command, I expected to see huge swarms of demons overwhelming those in battle. But instead, the camera's eye focuses on the fighting until I give up my anticipation and realize that the fighting itself is that wrath. There are no demons. There are only ourselves. Whether or not you think evil is personified in one pain in the ass character or ... is distributed in us, among us, the point is the same: Good or evil? ... Which will you choose to participate in today? ... Oh, come on ... pick Good.

There is one other hard-hitting point that current events (September 11's terrorist attack on the US) make remarkably sharper for Americans. In the film, the supreme bad guy seeks to win the world's trust, one of his first large-scale steps toward that goal involves the military extermination of international terrorists. What's scary is how little effect such retaliatory strikes (successful or otherwise) have on making the world a safer place.

The actual presentation of the tale and dialogue play fair to midland, save for just a line or two of indulgence into the religious. After all, the film is based on the book of "Revelations" in the Christian Bible.

Co-written by the same fellow who helped script "Universal Soldier" (a Van Damme flick), "Megiddo" has the touch a feel of (and indeed is) a 'B' action genre film. The difference -- it has a defined point/message/focus. A strong "B."

In one of the picture's pointed lines, The devil grins, "I love TV, it does most of my work for me."

  • Megiddo: The Omega Code 2. Copyright © 2001. Rated PG-13.
  • Starring Michael York (Stone Alexander), Michael Biehn (David Alexander), Gil Colon (Col. Rick Howard), R. Lee Ermey (President R. Benson), Gavin Fink (Young Stone Alexander), Noah Huntley (Stone Alexander, age 21), Michael Ironside (Dominic), Udo Kier (The Guardian), Diane Venora (Gabriella Franci), Eduardo Yanez.
  • Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.
  • Written by Hollis Barton, Stephan Blinn, John Fasano.
  • Distributed by 8x Entertainment.


Copyright © 2001. Ross Anthony, currently based in Los Angeles, has scripted and shot documentaries, music videos, and shorts in 35 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. For more reviews visit: RossAnthony.com

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