Overnight Package
Review by Ross Anthony

A lot of fun. The film maintains a hard-boiled tone -- solid action produced by people that know what they're doing and are good at doing it -- like the Transporter himself. In fact, Jason Statham commands the screen with rigid form Transporterand yet peaceful inner confidence. His librarian-like discipline towards self-imposed rules adds a controlled contrasting subtle sense of humor to rock solid chase scenes.

Ex-Special Military, the Transporter, leads a classic, relaxing life somewhere in France, seemingly respectable even. Occasionally, hiring out his impeccable skills to transport illegal contraband for large sums of money, the Transporter, doesn't tolerate any deviation from his rules:

  1. Never change the deal.
  2. No names.
  3. Don't look in the package.

Despite an exciting assortment of close shaves with death/police, the Transporter never breaks a sweat -- until, of course, he breaks his own rule number 3.

The picture sports oil slick action: an exhilarating, BMW humming, car chase; a metronomic rhythmic dual fire-ax trio bout; an slippery motor oil martial arts mix up; a fun semi-truck driving conflict, and assorted gun/projectile scenes. More interested in smooth looks and sweetly timed choreography than gore, the picture is a fun excursion for any viewer more interested in a wild ride than a solid plot. Speaking of which, it's quite likely that all the bullets from the gun battle scenes passed through the plot on their way off screen.

The projector bulb would have shined clearly though those holes in a film shot with lesser production quality. In fact, searching for sense here just leads one to discover more progressions that simply make even less sense. Still, this odd train of nonsensical thought serves further to amuse. The solid action direction/cinematography, champion charisma and apt abilities of Statham, likable characters, and a dash of humor, make Transporter a carrier of entertainment.

A technical note on the audio: though the musical score pounds mightily with each step, kick, punch, and shift, some scenes suffer voice sound problems. The charming French detective's delightful remarks are barely audible.

  • Transporter. Copyright © 2002. Rated PG-13.
  • Starring Jason Statham, Shu Qi, Matt Schulze, Francois Berleand, Ric Young, Doug Rand.
  • Directed by Cory Yuen.
  • Screenplay by Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen.
  • Produced by Luc & Steven Chasman at 20th Cent. Fox/Europacorp/TF1.


Copyright © 2001. Ross Anthony, currently based in Los Angeles, has scripted and shot documentaries, music videos, and shorts in 35 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. For more reviews visit: RossAnthony.com

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