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Actual Books, Signed to you by the Author.
Some of them are handbound by the author.
ce Circle Earth

Printed in the USA on 100% Recycled paper
Non-Fiction: 165 page Paperback (Adult/YA)

Circle the Earth from the comfort of your own home while Ross backpacks through 25 countries in 365 days. CIRCLE EARTH contains over 75 illustrations in pencil or watercolor from his sketchbooks, and 175 of his journal entries in prose, poetry and song that bring you along. Let the journey inspire you as it inspired Ross. This hand-bound masterpiece is at once a sketchbook, a journal and the circumference of the planet.

$25.95 [BUY a Personalized, Signed Copy] [9 Reviews] [Excerpts]  
chili Zen Repair and the Art of Riding Chili

WRITTEN & HANDBOUND by Ross Anthony.
Printed in the USA on 100% Recycled paper
Non-Fiction: 188 page Paperback (Adult/YA)

A real life adventure. Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony rides a 1982 dirt bike named Chili coast to coast across 14 states of country roads in this story of rediscovery. Enjoy America's quieter side, her immense cultural and geographic beauty. It's a meandering journey of self-reflection, dream, purpose, tangenting philosophy, Zen repair, and inspiration. Think of Zen Repair & the Art of Riding Chili as a Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Lite.

$25.95 [BUY a Personalized, Signed Copy] [8 Reviews] [Excerpts]  
Eddie Eddie Johnson's Ark

Written by Ross Anthony. Printed in the USA.
Fiction: 155page Paperback (Adult/YA)
(Mature Themes/Strong Language)

A Lumberyard Tale For Those Of Us Under Construction Eddie's a single parent raising three kids in Columbus, Ohio. He's working nine to five just to keep a roof over their heads when he receives an unexpected and supernatural visit in his kitchen. A recently deceased friend rummages through his refrigerator while delivering a message from the big man upstairs: "It's time for a flood, Eddie, stop whatever you're doing and build an Ark."

$9.95 [BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Remind me in the Order Notes.] [15 Reviews] [Excerpts]  
Rodney The Rodney Appleseed Trilogy

spacer WRITTEN & HANDBOUND by Ross Anthony.
Printed in the USA on 100% Recycled paper
Hard Cover Fiction: 470 page (Teen/Adult)

Curiosity, Culture, Philosophy, Frolic, Dream. A surreal adventure like no other book you’ve read! "Rodney Appleseed" is a silver-eyed young fellow brimming with wonder. Journey with him from nothingness straight into infinity! Explore the breadth of heart, imagination and fun! Then nestle into the point at which they intersect. Readers compare "The Infinite Adventures of Rodney Appleseed" to "Big Fish" "Phantom Tollbooth" "Walter Mitty" "Secondhand Lions."

$9.95 [Per Book - Currently Book I and II are available.] [50 Reviews] [Excerpts]  
Jinshirou Jinshirou

spacer WRITTEN & HANDBOUND by Ross Anthony. Printed in the USA.
Fiction: 154 page Paperback (Adult/YA)
(Mature Themes/Strong Language)

This is the prose poem saga of Aro's top student twenty-year-old Jinshirou Saoshita. Master of martial arts and a spiritual father to Jinshirou, Aro's suicide shocks the community. But the stalwart Jinshirou cages the pain. Within days, Jin's birth father sends him across the ocean to a university in the land of Aro's demons -- the United States. This is Jinshirou's bittersweet struggle with prejudice, honor, culture, identity; his life and death journey toward peace from hate and anger; his painful lessons of compassion.

ALMOST SOLD OUT! * Contact Me Via Email [13 Reviews] [Excerpts]  
Snail The Little Snail Story

spacer WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED by Ross Anthony.
Printed in the USA.(AGES 7 TO 77)
Fiction/Self-Help: 103page Paperback

Like Saint-Exupery's "Little Prince," disguised as a children’s book, "The Little Snail Story" is a timeless story of gathering understanding, trust and belief in oneself. Can Snail find the courage to leave the comfort and security of Shell? A friendly, insightful encouraging story for anyone hesitant to live an enriching vivacious life.
(Listen to the Rodney Appleseed/Little Snail Song ©Ross Anthony: composer,guitar,flute,vocals,drumdesign 3:15)

$9.95 [BUY a Personalized, Signed Copy] [20 Reviews] [Excerpts]
FREE [eBook PDF - click here and ask nicely :)] * eBOOK! *

ants Please Don't Step on the Ants

32 page Big Picture Book Printed in the USA. (AGES 2 TO 8)
8 Languages all in one book: English Chinese Thai French Swahili Spanish Arabic Japanese

Whimsical drawings burst with color. A warm life-respecting message weaves through a sweet children's story. What do we have in common with ants? Translated into eight languages all in the same book, "Please Don't Step on the Ants" introduces youngsters to multiculturalism (Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Swahili, Thai, French, and English). Written & Illustrated by Ross Anthony. Color artist Bruce Manaka.

ALMOST SOLD OUT! * Contact Me Via Email
[10 Reviews] [Excerpts]  
ants The Santa Story and Tina

spacer ILLUSTRATED by Ross Anthony. WRITTEN by Arita Trahan.
32 page Big Picture Book Printed in the USA. (AGES 2 TO 8)

With Mommy's help, Tina discovers that she can "play Santa" and experience the joy of giving all by herself though random acts of kindness. The Santa Story is told every time one person gives another person a gift. It's a warm-hearted game that anyone can play.

$9.95 [BUY a Personalized, Signed Copy]
[4 Reviews] [Excerpts]  


"...your books [are] quality reading, They make me think a lot more than most everything else I've read, and makes me think more than absolutely anything on T.V. Plus, they're very inspiring and encouraging, I like Eddie Johnson's Ark and Rodney Appleseed in particular, and everyone I know loves the Little Snail." Tim.

"My niece says you are her new favorite author! She has an extremely busy schedule so she reads a little at a time and shares some of the paragraphs with me. She says she can't wait for more books from you." U'ilani.

"Ross, you're ... a breath of fresh air in the cynical jungle of urban modernity. I can always count on you to find and explore sassy ways to rebirth familiar experience. Just thought I'd give you a little feedback and appreciation." Gregg.

"I love receiving your news letters. Thank you for your delightful updates and your inspiring stories." April.

"She brought the books to school and had her teacher read them to the class. She then thought the children in Germany and Nigeria, where she is from, should also know these stories so she had her mother send the books back home. I just thought you should know some of the impact your writing has on others. I find your work so uplifting and encouraging, not to mention, just plain ole, fun to read. You are not just entertaining, you are teaching, for there are a multitude of lessons to be learned in your work for children and adults alike." Odey.

"I love the way you write ...your imagery is just perfect and your books are so much's like jumping into someone's head and hearing their thoughts... Thank you so much for signing the books as well." Julie.

"I just watched both of the slideshows and loved it! ... loved all the drawings ... "livelyness" and "fun" ... Your words are inspiring and I love reading them! I even share your stories to who ever is next to me ^-^." Pua.

"Discovering your books was one of the good memories [from my trip] Thanks." Patricia, traveler.

"My son loved your writing workshop. On after the 4th day he said, 'I don't want it to be over, I want to keep writing!' He wrote more in one day of your workshop, than he'd written all summer." Jamie.

"My kids really enjoyed the workshop last summer and both of them were recognized/awarded for their writing this year (something neither had achieved before)." Sandy

"I've read all the books by Ross Anthony. Each one brings wonder and magic back into my life... one of life's simple pleasures, yet there is always a deeper, profound message." Terry, Corporate IT Manager.

"I'd like to thank you for always including me when you send emails ~ they are humorous and informative and I cannot tell you how much they have helped me thru some difficult times recently when things seemed bleak and then you got me laughing and I love to laugh and so felt all the better for the kind, helping hand extended to me and others thru your thoughts and words!" Annie

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