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Kiss Me Kate
Review by Ross Anthony

My friend flew in from Chicago to watch thirty-five 3D movies in 10 days. He alternately 1) berated himself for buying into this insane schedule and 2) praised himself saying "I've died and gone to heaven." The 3D-film festival ran at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood this past September 2006. It had run only once before, three years prior. My crazy friend was there that time, too. If you love movies and you love 3D -- you would love this festival.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I joined him for one of those movies: Kiss Me Kate -- in full color and real 3D (not that silly red/blue glasses deal).

The first scene of the film is rather awful. It feels very fake, while the acting struggles. But, thankfully, the acting eventually picks up. That blends with some rollicking dancing and hearty singing, and before we all knew it -- heck we were having a grand old time. I felt like I was at an actual stage play. People were clapping at the musical numbers and there was even an intermission. Oh and James Whitmore and Keenan Wynn give winning performances as dance-thugs. Truth be told, Howard Keel is in his element as the leading man in a stage musical.

The 3D was quite nice -- but the director didn't take advantage of it on the whole. Rather, the film included sort of set "3D moments." Still, the 3D does offer a warmer welcome into the made up world of show biz.

A sort of Hollywood version of Taming of the Shrew, Kiss Me Kate entertained us.

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  • Kiss Me Kate. Copyright © 1953.
  • Starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ann Miller, Keenan Wynn, Bobby Van, Tommy Rall, James Whitmore, Kurt Kasznar, Bob Fosse, Ron Randell, Willard Parker, Davie O'Brien, Claud Allister, Ann Codee, Carol Ha.
  • Directed by George Sidney.
  • Screenplay by Sam Spewack.
  • Produced at MGM/Warner bros.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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